Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Art That Teaches: Cool Globes at Exposition Park"

Sculptural globes align the sidewalks in a still procession, dotting the Rose Garden of Exposition Park. Like Hansel and Gretel dropping breadcrumbs, these spherical works of art in the Cool Globes exhibition have left their round imprints on the national terrain. However, this is no fluffy, fantastical fairy tale story, but searing, sometimes sweaty truth.

Cool Globes is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people and communities about global warming through its traveling outdoor art exhibit.

“It’s a public art project with a purpose,” said Cool Globes Project Manager Lindsey Guetschow, “It’s not just about the beautiful art, but using art to bring people in and inspire them to take action in their daily lives.”

Since last summer, Cool Globes has sojourned all over the country—from the United States Botanical Garden in Washington D.C. to the Field Museum in Chicago, now the tour makes its Los Angeles debut. The Rose Garden hosts fifty globes, eight of which were made here.

“In each new city we stop at, we engage the community,” said Guetschow. And in collaboration with local residents, one of these globes boasts unlikely artists—students at Manual Arts High School.

Students, shown on above, at the finance-based high school worked alongside the artist-in-residence for Cool Globes, Aprile Boettcher.

Boettcher, a visual effects artists for films such as “Titanic,” Team America: World Police,” and Godzilla, led the students in a trip through art history, teaching them collage techniques of Hannah Höch and Pablo Picasso from the early 1900s. With a bit of background in art, Boettcher then let the students pitch their own visions for the globe.

“I wanted the students to be able to represent themselves,” said Boettcher—a sentiment that you can see on the globe itself. Each student was given a piece of canvas to contribute to the overall sculpture. And of course, Boettcher stayed true to the finance background of the school, allowing the students to also complete the mathematical equations to shape and grid the globe.

Together, Boettcher and the high school students created “Mother Earth,”shown below as courtesy of Boettcher, a sculpture portraying a pregnant Earth holding her bulging womb.

“As an artist, I really hope that the people who will see this will have a greater appreciation for public art and its role in society,” said Boettcher, “I think that beautification and artistic expression are important to the happiness and well-being of mankind.”

Cool Globes is in the Rose Garden of Exposition Park til July 23 (

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  1. Here are more pictures of the event in Los Angeles.
    Guests included California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa.