Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Shop and Art?"

I was confused.

As I surfed for ongoing exhibitions to feature in this blog, I came across “Never Odd or Even” and “Cut Back,” two shows by Jim Gentry and Leia Jervert on display at Happy.

But when I clicked to look at Happy, I kept running into an online store in Los Angeles called Happy. And, this store not only had the same web address as Happy the gallery space, but also the same street address. No matter, I thought to myself. So, I decided venture to this rather two-faced Happy.

It turns out that Happy is both a gallery space and eclectic store! Amidst Swedish brand mugs, Mexican cloth animals, and vintage clothes, contemporary art peeks through, beckoning the avid shopper to stop and smell the roses—in this case, gaze at the art.

Above colorful tote bags and vintage jewelry hangs Jim Gentry’s threaded pieces of “Never Odd or Even.” With cloth and thread, Gentry conjured sketch-like creatures—birds, bugs, and one huge spider. Though I hate spiders, I love his “Large Spider.” The spewing threads that composed the spider seem to mimic the creature’s intricate and detailed webs.

In the corner of the shop, in a rather Harry Potter-esque closet, “Cut-Back” quivers.

Made of unused scraps, Jervert created a life-size hedge. Delicate and quaint, the sculpture imitates nature, adding to the overall theme of using the man-made to create the natural.

As I surveyed Sagaform mugs and wall art, my own duality was satisfied—the avid shopper and the gallery-goer—leaving me, simply put, happy.

Jim Gentry and Leia Jervert are at Happy til August 30 (

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  1. Thank you for your astute observations about Leia, Jim and Happy! Paul Evans, Happy curator